Blogging the Hajj

by Bushra on December 3, 2008

Writer and producer Kamran Pasha is currently blogging live from Hajj. Pasha is currently producing a modern retelling of King David called Kings for NBC and has previously written for the Showtime series Sleeper Cell.

His blog can be found here.

Check the archives as well as he writes about his time in Medina before he reached Mecca in which he visited the grave of Aisha, the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and various mosques. Here is an excerpt from his blog post titled “A Jewish cemetery and a battlefield”:

One of the most surprising things about the Quba Mosque is the presence of a Jewish cemetery next door. It is an ancient site that has stood undisturbed since the early days of Islam. Despite the current tensions in the Middle East due to the Arab-Israeli conflict, history shows that Jews and Muslims got along reasonably well over the centuries. Jews were better treated in Muslim lands than they were under Christian rulers. And in Spain in particular, Muslim and Jews enjoyed a rich and friendly relationship. When the golden age of al-Andalus was brought to an end by the Inquisition, the Jews of Spain fled Christian persecution and turned to Muslim countries for protection. Many Jews settled in the Ottoman Empire, where they thrived alongside their Muslim neighbors, and Jews even rose to the position of top government ministers under the sultans of Turkey.

Be sure to check out Kamran Pasha, blogging live from Hajj.

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